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      We are Dualtron, Minimotors UK 

      Minimotors was born in Busan, Korea in 1999, and Minimotors scooters are one of the most demanded E-Scooters in the world. Minimotors/ Dualtron now have offices all around the world.

      The UK Office represents Dualtron, Minimotors to market and manages distribution throughout the UK. We also serve as a depot for providing our professional after sales services. Our customers can be assured of quality service and timely distribution.

      We have a full service centre in the UK and we can arrange to collect your scooter via our courier service, you can bring your scooter to us for servicing or repairs or we can send you relevant parts for repair. We hold full parts in stock for all models. We would recommend a service every 6 months to a year which we can arrange for you.

      We have experts within our servicing team and you are welcome to contact us for any queries that you may have or any advice.

      We hold all of our stock in the UK ready for instant delivery after purchase, so you don't have to wait. We receive regular stock from the Minimotors factory and have stock arriving into the UK every 2 weeks.

      Our company name is E Scooter Professionals Ltd trading as Minimotors, Dualtron UK and you will find us on the Main Global Dualtron website as the UK Distribution Partner:

      Please do contact us if you have any questions: