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      (Please read this before riding an Electric Scooter)

      Congratulations on purchasing your new e scooter! We really hope you enjoy scooting. We have created this document so that you’re well prepare to ride so please take the time to read it.
      The most important thing is to ride your scooter safely. An adult electric scooter is not a toy, they are powerful machines so you need to learn how to ride them properly and responsibly. 
      You’ll be able to work out how to ride your electric scooter fairly quickly, however please practice riding it in a safe place with limited obstacles. A few key things to remember when riding:
      • Wear flat shoes. Trainers are ideal, please do not scoot in flip flops or sandals.
      • You must wear a helmet at all times and other protective gear if you feel it necessary; such as: elbow and knee protectors and padded gloves which will allow a firmer grip on the handlebars.
      • If you are riding in the dark, please wear visible and reflective clothing.
      • When riding please look ahead! I know this sounds silly but there can be distractions around us. Be aware.
      • Don’t use your phone while scooting
      • Make sure you know the scooter functions, understand the control unit and are familiar with every aspect of the scooter.
      • When riding DO NOT pull or push on the steering column. When accelerating or braking don’t pull or push on the steering column. Use your feet to shift your centre of mass. The steering column isn’t designed to take a heavy weight, if you are leaning on to it, pulling and pushing it you will have problems with it in the future.
      • Please do not to ride your e scooter in the rain or wet conditions as this could damage the battery and it won’t be covered by the warranty if it’s water damaged.
      Setting up before a ride and E Scooter Maintenance:
      Overall, choosing a high-quality e-scooter will mean that you will have fewer issues but if you neglect your e-scooter and don’t maintain it, it can be dangerous to ride.
      Please make sure that your scooter is fully working and maintained before riding it. This means that the brakes should be responding properly, the tires inflated to the correct pressure, and the lights are working at the front and rear. 
      • Check that the bolts are all properly tightened and that nothing is coming loose. It’s also a good idea to read through the instruction manual that came with your electric scooter and see what other preventative care the company who manufactured the scooter recommends.
      • Electric scooters have different methods of braking so please read through the e-scooter manual for specific instructions on maintaining the braking system. Scooters brakes will wear over timer just like anything so please make sure that they are working correctly.
      Cleaning your e-scooter:
      If you keep your scooter clean it will prevent debris that can build up and cause problems in the long run. Try not to use water just a cloth or a tooth brush for dirt that has gathered under the deck.
      Battery maintenance and care:
      • You must take care of the scooters battery.
      • Always keep your battery fully charged when not in use. Do not let the battery sit on empty, even when it’s not in use.
      • Store your battery at room temperature. If the battery is exposed to prolonged heat or cold conditions, it could damage the battery or reduce its function.
      • If you notice that your battery is not working as it should, perform a full conditioning cycle. To do this, run your battery until it is completely empty and then charge it back to full power. This will fix many small problems, similar to a computer reboot. You may have to do this two or three times to achieve the desired effect.
      • If you ride your e-scooter in wet conditions (please try not to) please remove all excess water with a towel immediately.
      • Please only use the charger that was supplied with the scooter or an official replacement. Using the incorrect charger may lead to under or overcharging the battery and cause it to blow.

      When claiming under a warranty, we will examine the product. If a product is faulty we will let you know and we will repair it for you. If the issue is not covered under warranty we will explain why and give you a break down.

      General wear and tear or any damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty.  A Warranty covers you solely against manufacturing faults.

      If the problem is not covered by the warranty a quote will be supplied for repair or replacement and the shipping costs. All warranty claim decisions are final.

      Accidental or crash damage is not included in the warranty. Damage from aggressive riding, water damage, exceeding the weight limit or anything else that results in damage caused by the user is not covered by the warranty. 

      We do have a service centre for repairs and servicing which is chargeable. Please get in touch for further information: